Event: Real Estate Info Night – March 7, 2013

On March 7, 2013 Royal LePage Prime Real Estate will be hosting an evening dedicated to educating people about a career in real estate. As one of the most notorious professions in Winnipeg, a life as professional Realtor has many enticing aspects, with the main attractant being an unlimited earning potential. However, merely getting your (Read More)

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step Two

If you’ve made the decision to become a real estate agent; then you are ready to go to the next step in your pursuit to become a licensed Realtor. At Royal Lepage we recommend you have selected the office that will best complement and support you, your new career, and your customer service philosophy while you prepare to (Read More)

The Work Behind The Reward

Today, I spent the first part of my morning at the office with John Maxwell. I’d love to tell you this was in person, but as you imagine, my relationship with John is completely one sided. I watched the first segment of a course called “Today Matters”. John was talking about many of the myths (Read More)

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step One

One thing we have discovered over time is the most successful new real estate agents in Winnipeg have a systematic approach to their new career path. At Royal Lepage we are proud to share with you the five recommended steps to become a real estate agent. Following these five steps to your new real estate career has proven (Read More)

Agent Success Stories: Trina August

Almost two years ago I was sitting at home wondering what I was going to do. For seven years I had my own licensed home daycare. I was so lucky to have had the privilege of being able to work at home, while being there for my children before they started school. We had just moved from the (Read More)

7 Reasons Why People select A Career in Real Estate Sales

With all the men and women I have had the pleasure to meet and discuss the benefits of a real estate career; there is a common thread for their desire to move forward with a career in real estate sales. Regardless of age, sex, or cultural background, these seven reasons are accurate when the decision was made to (Read More)

Why Do New Real Estate Career Professionals Fail?

Have you ever wondered why there are constant career opportunity advertisements running in various mediums online and offline for real estate sales? Or, why every real estate brokerage firm is always looking to hire a new real estate salesperson? Simply put, there is a very high failure rate for new career real estate agents. So (Read More)

Why a Trusted Brand Name Really Matters

Making the decision to enter a career in real estate for most people can be difficult because you give up a steady paycheck, and now, you must rely on your effort, skill and dedication… only to be financially rewarded sometime in the future. Given the fact we do live in a an instant gratification society, (Read More)

Looking for a Career in Real Estate?

Royal LePage Winnipeg is proud to unveil its all new website fully dedicated to providing all the best resources and information to anyone looking for a career in real estate. Whether you are already taking your courses, or merely researching the industry, we hope that this is the place you can find the answers you (Read More)