WINNIPEG, October 15, 2014 – The Royal LePage House Price Survey released today showed varied results across the three major housing types surveyed. Standard condominiums surged in the quarter rising 6.8 per cent year-over-year to $208,510. Detached bungalows saw a more modest increase as they rose 0.5 per cent to $308,706. Standard two-storey homes were (Read More)

Royal Lepage Top Producers Welcomes Mr. John Wilson

Royal Lepage Top Producers staff and management are excited to announce the newest addition to our professional real estate office, Mr. John Wilson. With eleven years of real estate experience, John brings with him the highest standard of quality and service. Throughout his real estate career he has received awards and accolades by offering above (Read More)

How to Become a Real Estate Agent – Part Five

Congratulations! By now you have completed all three Phases with a minimum seventy percent passing grade with your real estate courses. You are bona-fide now and ready to become a licensed real estate agent in the Province of Manitoba. That being said, you do have up to six months from your final passing grade to (Read More)

How to Become a Real Estate Agent – Step Four

We at Royal LePage are proud to provide you with the best strategy possible on how to become a licensed real estate agent in Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba.  Upon a successful mark and pass in Phase One, the next step is diving into Phase Two of your real estate licensing journey.  When you (Read More)

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step Three

Once you have enrolled in Phase Two of the real estate course through the Manitoba Real Estate Association, the hard part has begun. Not just the actual course material, but the challenge now becomes finding the time to dedicate yourself to the task at hand while life finds a way to interrupt you. Upon obtaining (Read More)

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step Two

If you’ve made the decision to become a real estate agent; then you are ready to go to the next step in your pursuit to become a licensed Realtor. At Royal Lepage we recommend you have selected the office that will best complement and support you, your new career, and your customer service philosophy while you prepare to (Read More)

How to become a Real Estate Agent – Step One

One thing we have discovered over time is the most successful new real estate agents in Winnipeg have a systematic approach to their new career path. At Royal Lepage we are proud to share with you the five recommended steps to become a real estate agent. Following these five steps to your new real estate career has proven (Read More)

Agent Success Stories: Trina August

Almost two years ago I was sitting at home wondering what I was going to do. For seven years I had my own licensed home daycare. I was so lucky to have had the privilege of being able to work at home, while being there for my children before they started school. We had just moved from the (Read More)

7 Reasons Why People select A Career in Real Estate Sales

With all the men and women I have had the pleasure to meet and discuss the benefits of a real estate career; there is a common thread for their desire to move forward with a career in real estate sales. Regardless of age, sex, or cultural background, these seven reasons are accurate when the decision was made to (Read More)

Why Do New Real Estate Career Professionals Fail?

Have you ever wondered why there are constant career opportunity advertisements running in various mediums online and offline for real estate sales? Or, why every real estate brokerage firm is always looking to hire a new real estate salesperson? Simply put, there is a very high failure rate for new career real estate agents. So (Read More)